Common Mistakes

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These are some common mistakes made by English learners. Can you correct them?

  • ×Please decide the place which is convenient for you.
  • ×I really like the 1980's music and fashion.
  • ×It was the first time I saw a whale.
  • ×Most of the people agreed with me about the problems of global warming.
  • ×The police is coming to investigate the incident.
  • ×Amongst all the balloons, I like the one in red colour.
  • ×Could you list out what we have to buy today?
  • ×I’m quite busy now. Can I call you back 15 minutes later?
  • ×I’ve spent a lot of effort improving my English.
  • ×When I was a kid, I had joined a choir for three years.
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    Here are some commonly mispronounced words by English learners:

  • coupon
  • bank account
  • popcorn
  • supermarket
  • jet lag
  • vegetable
  • comfortable
  • considerate
  • society
  • police
  • And there are a lot more...

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